ALL MEDICINES given at school must have a district form signed by the student’s health care provider, including interim antibiotics and over-the-counter medicines. All medicines are given by the R.N. or trained staff and kept locked. Students must not carry any medicines at school including OTC medicines, according to the district’s Zero Tolerance Policy. The physician permission form for medication is usually in effect for the entire school year. Children with severe allergies are required to have their prescription Epipen on hand at school if needed. Children with moderate to severe asthma are encouraged to have an inhaler available at school. All medicines kept at school are given to the teacher to take on fieldtrips. Students with known school medications are given a renewal district physician form at the end of the year.

Medicines cannot be given without a district form signed by the health care prescriber. This includes Tylenol and Mortin. When the R.N. is on site she is allowed to give Tylenol or Mortin to a student in need, if the parent signs permission on the goldenrod Health Information Exchange Consent form distributed at the beginning of the school year. The R.N. is encouraged to notify the parents, if possible, before giving these medications. Other office staff is not allowed to give medication without the district form signed by the prescribing physician. Parents are allowed to come to school to give their child medicines on a non-routine basis.

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