Traffic Circle

Traffic Rules and Reminders


Welcome back!  We thought it would be helpful to start the year with a refresher on traffic rules.  If we all work together to heed the following points we can keep traffic flowing and our students safe while we do it!


1.If the line for the traffic circle extends out to Edmonton, please proceed PAST the line, make a U-turn, and get into the one line of cars.  This keeps the northbound lane of Edmonton open, preventing a dangerous standstill.

2.Passing others or going in-between cones to enter or exit is not permitted.

3.Wait to approach Safe Zone before dropping off kids.  Do not drop students outside the Safe Zone.

4.Have backpacks and instruments up front with your child - this will allow for quicker drop off.

5.Drop off at one of the spots in the “Safe Zone”.

6.Drivers must stay in the car. The adult on duty will help your child in/out, on the passenger (right) side of the car.

7.Drop off child and proceed to exit at the speed limit of 5 mph.

8.Be considerate of other drivers and exit the safe zone as soon as your child is out. Do not wait to see your child walk in.

9.If your child does not get in/out of the vehicle immediately, you must leave and re-enter the loop.

10.There is absolutely no double parking permitted.

11.Respect the supervising adults who have been asked to enforce these rules.


GOVERNOR DRIVE – “Kiss and Ride Lane” 

The entirety of Governor Drive in front of the school is a 3 minute Drop-Off and Pick-Up area.  You may not park and leave your car.

1.Keep your car engine running in the Kiss and Ride Lane. Pull forward as cars move.

2.Driver must remain in or within 10 feet of vehicle.

3.Have your child ready to exit the car when you reach the curb. Do not hold up traffic.

4.Make sure your children exit through the passenger side of your vehicle.

5.Once you have picked up or dropped off your child, leave promptly.

6.There is absolutely no double parking permitted.

7.Respect the supervising adults who have been asked to enforce these rules.



1.The front parking lot is for staff parking only.  

2.There is no drop-off or pick-up permitted.


Please review these points with your student/students so that they are aware of the process as well.  We know that there may be times that people who are not familiar with our procedures drop your student/students off, so it is important that they know what to do!



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